Lviv survey #galicia

Tomasz Jankowski / JFS <info@...>

Dear Friends,

As part of the project "ReHerit: Common Responsibility for Shared
Heritage", the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe runs a
survey for tourists who visited Lviv for short-term stays (up to 1 month
at a time). The goal of the survey is to study the experience of visitors
in Lviv, the peculiarities of perceiving its cultural heritage, and to identify
key challenges and problem areas the tourists face. To collect the data,
we use the online survey available in fours languages:


We would be happy to have you answer the questions if you ever visited
Lviv for short stays, or share the links via social media and for your
friends who visited Lviv as tourists.

The survey is anonymous. All the data will be used in a generalized
format for the scientific analysis. The survey findings will be available at
the website of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe.

Sincerely yours
Tomasz Jankowski

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