Re: Child of holocaust survivors seeks to obtain Polish citizenship #general #poland

Ian Charles

Erica: I'm also interested. Others will be far more knowledgeable but I have the understanding that when Poland was absorbed into Russia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire before reacquiring statehood after WW1, things get a little complicated. I was informed that Poland wasn't very interested that my grandfather was born in Krakow in 1884, but the Austrians weren't interested either in citizens born in parts of the empire that disappeared in 1919! I did complete a quick survey for one of the firms claiming to offer assistance and they got back saying no-go. They may have been mistaken but at least it was an honest reply because my greater fear was they would take money when there was no chance of success. I think the EU passport thing has some appeal, but I also like the idea of reclaiming something that was taken away from my family, even if in practical terms it doesn't make any real difference to my life

Ian Charles
London, UK

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