Re: Searching French birth record for Christophe Jean Le Noel #france #records

David Choukroun

Dear Rose, 

Archives Départementales 76 (
will give you the birth for Jan 1854 @ Rouen (item 10 or 11) : but nobody recorded with this name at my first quick reading

To my knowledge, La Manche is a french department, with Saint-Lô as main city.  
Manche (département) — Wikipédia (

Without the city, it is difficult to find the right register : 
Rechercher - Registres paroissiaux et d'état civil - Archives de la Manche (
(you can see on the left side all the possible cities... more than 100...)

As I see (Geneanet) the following information: 
  • Born 17 January 1854 - Manche, France
  • Deceased 17 February 1939 - Auckland, New Zealand, aged 85 years old

I suggest to get the death act in NZ first to get the exact city of birth in France

Kind regards from Paris



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