Re: Child of holocaust survivors seeks to obtain Polish citizenship #general #poland

arnold friedman <afriedman21@...>


it can be done takes bout 6 months for citizen and about a year for a pssport.    my parents were both survivors from radom poland.   i did not want it, but my kids wanted it for eu travel and in case they ever wanted to work in the eu.   poland is one of the easiest countries because if you have one  grandfather or in many cases one grandmother you can qualify. so i did notbhave to get it for my kids to get it.  my son has his passport and my daughter is getting hers next month.    the fees per person with a consultant are about 2k  or 3k for 2 with the same bloodline.   i had the record for grandparents documented well which helped.   you can save 1k without consultant but it was worth it vs figuring it out on your own and she hand delivered documents.   we went thru the los angeles consultate.    we live near sf so that was the closest.   you have to visit consulate or embassy only once  in process so pick the closest one to you.    

the consultant i used is

Aleksandra Kaniak
(310) 714 3342
She is knowledgeable and excellent

good luck

arnold friedman

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