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Try to fill in as much as you can on family members.  Sometimes one has to research indirectly..  I saw your tree on Ancestry and will send some things there..

Per the 1911 census, Lewis and Mary had 3 children:  Philip, Fanny and Rueben.  Both Philip and Fanny were born in Russia.  They were born c. 1900 and 1902 (ages 12 and 9 on the census) respectively.  Ruben was born in England c. 1907.  Therefore they immigrated sometime in the 1902-1907 timeframe.  Again, per the census, Lewis and Mary had been married 12 years (c. 1899).  Mary had borne 5 living children w/ 3 alive in 1911.  Given that Philip was b.c. 1900 and Fanny b.c. 1902 w/ a gap between them and Reuben b.c. 1907, it is likely that the 2 dead children were born in the 1903-1906 timeframe. Look for birth/death records to fill in the blanks and confirm Lewis and Mary's names. 
The census shows that Lewis was not naturalized.  It might be worth while to look for naturalization after 1911 census.  If he wasn't naturalized, look for naturalization for Philiip.
Try to determine if Lewis changed his surname to Lubin.  When did Aaron/Edward change his name?  Since Aaron/Edward named his son Louis it is likely Lewis Lubosky had died.  The date of son Louis' birth will help narrow the timeframe on Lewis' life.  That could help you find a death record for him.  Just look for Lubin/Lubosky and allow for variations in spelling of Lubosky. 

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI, USA

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