Re: NYC Street Peddler Licenses #usa

Sherri Bobish


If NYC pushcart license records still exist that would be an interesting new genealogy resource.

Interesting article from The Tenement Museum:
"In 1899 the price of a municipal pushcart license fell from $15 to $4 and by 1904 there were 6,747 push-cart peddlers in New York City."

Another article from The Museum at Eldridge Street claims that in 1900 there were 25,000 pushcarts.

Perhaps 6,747 were licensed, and the rest not?

A 1903 article in The NY Sun (found at  titled "The Plague of Pushcarts" states that to get a NYC pushcart license one had to show "first papers" towards naturalization, but that many newcomers used other peoples papers.


Sherri Bobish

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