Re: Looking for Sarah and Edward Greenberg #lithuania

Sharon Ann Dror

Thank you so much - I got several emails in regards to Edward Greenberg. Greatly appreciate your efforts. The one you sent has different parents.
It seems that there are several Edward Greenberg that were born around the same time and born in New York:
January 26, 1918 parents are Israel Greenberg and Rose Stein. Edward married to Sadie Soroka. 
December 1, 1918 parents are Sarah Tabris and Joseph Greenberg - this is the correct family so Edward's birthdate is Dec 1, 1918, not January 26, 1918.
1918 Jackel Benny and Esther Greenberg
I will need to figure out which Edward is the right one. So frustrating… 
Let me know if you find anything…. I couldn’t find anything on Sarah too… 
Warm regards
Sharon Ann Dror

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