In search for a Jewish source before 1811 (synagogue book) for Dessau, Germany #germany #records


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I am fairly new to Jewish Genealogy in general and for Germany in particular and like to take the chance to ask you whether you know were to find the synagogue book for Dessau (in German: "Synagogenbuch 1780-1811) or if by chance you have access to it or know someone who does?


FamilySearch has those available starting from 1811, but I would need the book before that date.


A good fellow from this forum here has kindly pointed out to me that there is a copy in the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt/Main on micro fiche, see Link (in German):


(See PSR B043 

Dessau, Sachsen-Anhalt 

Familienbuch 1785-1841 

Synagogenbuch 1786-1834 samt Register nach den Vornamen (beides Geburten, Heiraten, Sterbefälle)


However, when I wrote an email to them recently, they said they are not able to carry out any research for me due to time constraints on their hands. (At the moment, it is not possible for me either to do the research personally myself.)


FYI: I am looking into the family Reichenheim in Dessau before 1811 (my research points to the fact that they might not be related to those in Bernburg/Berlin who are quite well investigated with results made available online.)


Thank you very much for any help in this regard. 


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Sebastian Neumann
Dresden, Germany

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