Re: JRI Poland Success with JRI surname list! #poland

Judy Bowman

Hello, Kirsten, my great grandfather Israel Baumgarten (changed to Bowman in the UK) also came from Wladyslawow.  His brother listed his own hometown as "Russcheitz" and "Rishashitz".  I believe this is Russocice-Wladyslawow in Konin near Kolo.  If you have any good leads on how to find birth or marriage records from this area, can you share with me?  As you. know, there's very little out there about this town.  I've seen a Shtetl/Yizkor book that JRI-Poland has, and 1 potential record of Israel's father Jacob, but that's pretty much it. 

Many thanks, 

Judy Bowman, USA

Baumgarten/Bowman(Wladyslawow-Russocice, Poland;  Wales UK, South Africa), Bas(Poland), 
Halpern(Indura, Grodno), Kopelman(Odessa/Starokonstantinov) Rosenbaum(Sieradz, Zychlin, Lodz), Muskat(Halubitz), Fellman/Felman/Berkman(Sakiai)Aschkenas(Chroskoff, Austria)


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