The old Synagogue, East-Terrace, Cardiff c. 1897 #unitedkingdom #records



I'm trying to track down any society records, and ideally photographs of the Jewish community in late 19th Century Cardiff. Has anyone come across or can direct me to where I can possibly find?
In 1897 one of my ancestors married into what appears to be a relatively well-to-do family in the city, at what reads as (according to the local press) a very big ceremony. All the special for it being the last one held at the East Terrace Synagogue before it relocated to the premises on Cathedral Road. After the ceremony "the bridal party drove to the Fine At Gallery on Queen Street, where a reception was held in the evening".

Sadly the local press that I've found (online) limits the description of the events to a vivid text commentary of this event. Other articles suggest a very socially and philanthropic active local community in Cardiff at the time.
Grasping at straws but this might offer an avenue to getting to understand more about my relatives past lives and dare I hope see what they looked like. So all pointers, suggestions, reference books, contacts and archive help much appreciated.

Many thanks


Neil Ashton
London UK
Interested in Locations: Berdichev/Odessa.
Surnames: Nesanelis/Litinzisky (to name but two)

and in the UK Levene and Brooks.

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