Exciting news from Bratislava/Pressburg, Slovakia! #austria-czech #hungary

E. Randol Schoenberg

Exciting news from Bratislava/Pressburg, Slovakia! Several hundred gravestones from the 17th-19th century that were thought to have been destroyed between 1942-44 have just been discovered.
Pressburg was once a leading religious center, with yeshivot that attracted torah scholars from all over Europe. Perhaps the most famous rabbi was the Chatam Sofer (Moses Schreiber 1762-1839), whose grave was one of the few rescued when the old cemetery was decimated during World War II. The rest were thought to be lost, but were recently discovered buried at the edge of the new orthodox cemetery.
The Jewish Community of Bratislava needs 20,000 Euros to complete the excavation of the historic gravestones which date back to the 17th century.
I have set up a fund at JewishGen to direct donations to this project. Go to https://www.jewishgen.org/jewishgen-erosity/v_projectslist.asp?project_cat=8 and donate to the Czech Cemetery fund and your donations will be passed on to the Bratislava Jewish Community for this important project. Since older vital records for Bratislava have not been located, these tombstones are the best hope for discovering genealogical connections.
For more information, please download the large (325mb) presentation from Bratislava Jewish Community President Tomáš Stern. https://www.dropbox.com/t/V6OpUy1ogAUoqJPA
Randy Schoenberg
Austria-Czech Research Division Director
Los Angeles, CA

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