1935 naturalization by a wife whose husband was naturalized in 1922 before the new law #usa #general

Gary Pokrassa


I would appreciate insight by JG’ers…..why would a wife file for her naturalization in 1934 receiving approval in 1935 when her husband was naturalized in 1922 before the law changed?   There are several markings on the attached page 1 of the petition:


  • petition filed under Sec 2 Act of September 22 1922
  • 1st with …January 1 1906
  • 2nd with …..January 1 1929
  • then lower again 1st with …January 1 1906

I am assured her husband never lost his citizenship but did become ill about the time she filed although he recovered and lived long after that…….but even that would not answer why she filed herself…

Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

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