Re: JRI Poland Success with JRI surname list! Wladyslawow = Wloclawek? #poland

J.R. Silver

Hi Judy

I believe that ‘Wladyslawow’ may refer to the town of Wloclawek, [ the  ‘l’ s should be slashed through, converting the sound to ‘w’.  It is pronounced roughly ‘Vwotzwavek’ ) The town is today in Poland, north of Kolo and Konin.  I am not sure about today’s name for your great-grandfather’s brother’s town. Maybe Rawicz in Poznan region, but that’s a long shot.The vital records for Wloclawek are mainly lost. However there are some records in the JHI, Warsaw.  You could try a global search of Jewishgen for the town’Wloclawek’, surname ‘Baumgarten’.

My great-grandfather on my mother’s side was born in the town of Izbica Kujawska , in this region. When I spoke to my grandmother, late in her life, she said her father came from ‘Radislavik’. It wasn’t until years later that I realised that she was referring to the region ( not town) of Wloclawek. Incidentally, she lived for most of her life in Cardiff, UK .

Judith Silver , London
Researching in this region PRZEDECKI, MICHALOWSKI, RAWICKI from Izbica Kujawska,  KATZ, SPIRO, GRADOWKSI from Piotrkow Kujawski, PRZEDECKI from Strzelno.

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