Re: Info on Jewish refugees in Central Asia during the War #ukraine

Laurence Broun

I found a book about a refugee from my grandparents shtetl of Mizocz who fled to Tashkent during the war. You can Google the book ...  Flight to Tashkent: The Desperate Journey of Holocaust Survivors Yosef Mednik and Feiga Geldi Mednik
This individual also served in the Polish forces in the Red Army. During the time he was in the military, his wife served on an agricultural commune. 

Also, I have a cousin whose family spent time in Tashkent after fleeing Latvia. I've been to Tashkent myself for business and the weather is fine ... sure beats Siberia. I have the impression it was one of the better places to end up for Jews fleeing Eastern Europe.  
Larry (Itzik Leib) Broun
Washington, DC | USA
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