Re: NYC Cemeteries - Offering Mt Hebron #photographs #usa

David Lewin

When there is no snow you can use some tracing paper and a soft lead
pencil. you cover the sheet as evenly as possible with the
lead. The sharp edges of the inscription letters will stand out more
than the background.

This is a technique learned from tracing heraldic inscriptions in old churches

David Lewin

At 14:26 02/04/2021, David Jacobowitz wrote:
I am going to write to Allan with a substantial list of graves to
photograph -- and a check.

I saw a useful hint for getting inscriptions when there is snow on
the ground. Smear some snow over the inscription and scrape away the
surface. The letters will be more legible in white. The snow will
melt and clean the crevices.

David Jacobowitz

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