Re: Paolono/Paolona and Lita, Russia? #belarus #russia


Hi Amy, 

According to his declaration, Joseph sailed from Trieste and arrived in may 1908.  His real surname was given as Gorenzivit.
There is a Josef Gorencziwitt  (b.1885) that sailed from Trieste in May1909 (not 1908). His destination was nyc to a friend named Sorin and his contact in Russia was his father Aron.

The problem is that this man was born in Zhitomir and not Paolona (maybe he meant Poland?), and his last residence was a place called Solomios/Solomiec/Soloniec(?). Perhaps it was this place

Regarding Lita (Sadie's birthplace) it may be Lida, as you write,  or perhaps Litin, a place close to Zhitomir.

Giannis Daropoulos 


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