Maxwell's Suitcase #galicia

Peter Bein <thinkbig@...>

Thank you so much JewishGen for helping to make possible the publication
of my memoir, Maxwell's Suitcase. It is the story of my journey, which was
set in motion by my discovery of a suitcase hidden at the bottom of a
closet for 40 years. It was the suitcase my father had carried on
Kristallnacht when he fled >from Nazi Germany.

On my journey, I retraced my family's steps >from Gorlice and Nowy Sacz,
Poland, to Leipzig, Germany, and then, unfortunately, to the concentration
camp at Belzec. I feel fortunate to have been able to return my
grandmother's name to her in a Stolperstein dedication and to have
discovered some of the past of which my father could not speak.

More at

Peter Bein
Atlanta, GA
Researcher 77325

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