Request for Polish translation of birth and death records from Krakow #galicia

Barbara Rice

Hello fellow researchers,

I am researching my great-great-grandparents Rohssler who were >from
Krakow and recently found the birth records for their eldest two children,
born in Krakow, to Salomon Rohssler and Hani Seidman. There is
additionally a birth record for a stillborn son in 1882. There is also a death
record for an unnamed daughter who died 18 days old in 1879. There's no
mother I can find on that record, only Salomon Rossler and I'm not sure it
is the same Salomon Rohssler as my ancestors. I cannot find a birth
record associated with the baby girl's death.

The Saloman Rossler on the birth records is listed as a barber, which was
his trade in New York. The Salomon Rossler on the death record seems to
be listed as a something else. I've been using GoogleTranslate to figure
out what is on these records with limited success. There are names I
don't recognize and I'm also looking for an address for the birth and I
think towns are given for Hani (the mother) parents but I'm not sure of
this. I believe Hani's father to be Nechemia Seidman and her mother to be
Yetta of Podgorce.

I am hoping someone who knows Polish can translate the information on
the records for me.

There are four records posted on Viewmate and while I am interested in
translation of all of them, what is of most interest to me is an address
and/or towns for the families and then thoughts on whether the 1879
record is for the same family of not.

The records can be viewed on Viewmate at
(1879 death)
(1882 stillborn son)
(1883 - birth of Aron Nechemiasz - known in the family as Rudolph)
(1884 - birth of Menases - known in the family as Max)

Please respond with translation on Viewmate. If you want to share
thoughts on general interpretation of these records or the connectedness
of the records to the list that's fine with me.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Barbara Rice, Minneapolis

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