Re: JRI Poland Success with JRI surname list! Wladyslawow = Wloclawek? #poland

Judy Bowman

thank you, this is so helpful.  I have come across records for Wloclaw in my searching...I will look back in that direction, thank you.  There is a very small town(s) that exists in Poland called Wladyslawow-Russocice.  I could write and see if they have any records available.   Incidentally, the Jakub Baumgarten I found (the years don't really match) has a wife named Beijle Kujawska listed....  Thank you so much, Judith.  I've gotten so little traction on this guy Jacob Baumgarten who had so many children.  Any small amount of information can help! 

Many thanks, Judy Bowman

Baumgarten/Bowman(Wladyslawow-Russocice, Poland;  Wales UK, South Africa), Bas(Poland), 
Halpern(Indura, Grodno), Kopelman(Odessa/Starokonstantinov) Rosenbaum(Sieradz, Zychlin, Lodz), Muskat(Halubitz), Fellman/Felman/Berkman(Sakiai)Aschkenas(Chroskoff, Austria)

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