Running into a dead end #galicia

Saul <flatsaul@...>

I have been researching my maternal grandparents and great grandparents. I have been successful in learning where they lived (Givozits,in Galicia) and what their names were ( Meyer Brecher, Rachel( Schwartz)Brecher and Reuben Lattner and Jetti (Schwimmer) Lattner.)
MY Mother had told me of other old family surnames including Reiter,Sobel and Sabbat(h). I am a subscriber to Gesher Galicia. When I input any of these surnames into their search data base along with the location of Gwozdziec (Hvizdets) Ukraine,there they are ! In one case all three surnames appear in one entry.  My question now is where do I go with this. Is there a way I can dig deeper trying to determine how all these surnames fit together. Thank you.
                                                Saul Joseph David  ( Researching Brecher, Lattner, Schwimmer, Reiter, Sobel, Sabbath )

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