Understanding Lithuanian Revision Lists #lithuania

Steven Granek

I am viewing a record of the All Lithuanian Revision List which contains my Orum family in Rokiskis. The The revision list is dated 1908. And there is a second instance of what looks like the same list but with an additional person (looks to be the female spouse of one of the brothers). For anyone that wants to see the record I simply searched for surname Orum and one of the things that came up was the LitvakSIG All Lithuanian Revision Database with 56 names. My family is the one with first person listed at Perets David Orum (and my grandmother Leah is listed last in the first instance and next to last in the 2nd instance).

I have marriage records from Lodz for one of the people listed - Freyda Orum - and the marriage took place in 1898. And I know she stayed in Pabianice as my Grandmother Leah joined her there (right around 1907 or 1908 - which means Leah was also probably not living is Rokiskis by the time of this ‘1908’ list). I have lots of corroborating evidence for this wedding and that it is the same person.

Additionally, I am ALMOST sure (less sure than about the marriage) thet another of the people had already come to the US in 1906

Given those two things, can someone please help understand the 1908 revision list, what it is (it doesn’t seem it can be a census given what I know).

Thanks in advance for any insights-

Steve Granek

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