Re: Rabbis in Belarus #belarus

alan moskowitz

I would appreciate if you could look up my great great grandfather in your book "  LATTER DAY LEADERS SAGES AND SCHOLARS" as noted in JewishGen.  The family lore is that he was a Rabbi in the Russian Empire but I have no evidence of that.  His name was Itzchak Vaskovych, with his given name sometimes listed as Itska.   The town he was from might possibly be Dukora (now in Belarus), but he might be found in the Minsk vicinity.  He was born around 1845 is all I know and possibly visited the USA in 1900 and/ or in the early 1900's.  Also, he possibly could have changed his surname to Waskovitch or Moskovich.  
Thanks very much.  By the way your private email was not working. 
Alan Moskowitz
New Jersey

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