Re: Moving Frequently Among Ukraine Towns #ukraine

Sally Bruckheimer

This was not only in Ukraine. My Ruslander family, which arrived about 1835 from farther East and took that surname, by 1870 lived in Augustow, Raczki, Sztabiin, Rajgrod, Marjampol, Alinka, Nur, and more towns as well as France. One cousin, who came to the US from Augustow, said on his naturalization papers that he was born in Marseilles (during the 1860s rebellion, cholera, and famine).

Since I can connect all the people in my tree, and I have a letter backing up the relationships, I wouldn't consider any family in any location as constantly living in one location. I have other parts of my family in other locations who also moved around.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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