Need interpretation of image #galicia

Sharon Taylor

I've posted an image on ViewMate and need an interpretation. It is on
ViewMate at the following address ...

This image is the cover of a small book, my grandmother's work
record. Inside it contains her identifying information such as address,
date of birth, hair color, eye color, stature, religion, etc. It also
contains information about an apprenticeship and other work
information. She brought this with her to America in 1913.

Would she have used this to gain entry to the United States? I don't
have any other identifying documents for her such as a passport.
Does anyone know what the Austro-Hungarian Empire / Galicia was
using for international travel at that time? Or what was required for
identification to enter the United States?

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Your insights will be greatly appreciated.

Sharon Taylor
Philadelphia, PA

Researching Nemeth, Blech and Kastenbaum (Mariyampil, Galicia)
and Weisner, Fleissig and Kastenbaum (Kulykiv, Galicia)

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