Birth record from The Netherlands #records


My mother-in-law, Hanna (Helen) Krakovsky Friedman just celebrated her 100th birthday. a few days ago. Her family had left Russia, when the ship they were on docked in Rotterdam, Holland. She was born there on either March 29, 1921, or March 21, 1921. Her parents were Aron Krakovsky and Hesia Besid(t)sky. No one in the family has been able to locate a Birth Certificate for her, even though her husband went back to Rotterdam to find it.  Does anyone have any ideas as to how to locate a birth certificate in Rotterdam?
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Neilan Stern
researching:  Stern, Pistrong, Brand, Mahler - Radomysl Wielki Poland;  Black, Schwarz - Nesvizh, Minsk - Belarus;  Aronovsky, Aronowsky, Entes, Portnoy, Israeliovitch, Seigel, Katzberg - Vilijampole Kovno Lithuania;

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