Trying to find my way through the wall #lithuania #rabbinic #names


I have previously requested information on this subject from this discussion group and apologize for re visiting . I am hoping that a more experienced genealogist or someone with access to records or rabbinical family trees may be able to shed light.
I am trying to confirm my fathers assertion that we are descendants of the Rabbi Schneir Zalman. Working my way backwards the first possible connection I have found was when Levi Yitzchak Zalmanson married Dvorah Leah Schneerson daughter of Rabbi Menacham Mendel Schneerson ( although it does not mean much my father's name was Levi Yitchak. Do two genealogical co-incidents create a fact?). I can follow the tree for a couple of generations but it then seems to fade out.

Working my way forwards my (I believe) grandfather was Srol (Israel) Salmenson who settled in South Africa. He was Schneerson when he arrived in SA but reportedly changed his name to Salmenson. He was born in 1876. His father was Leyvik Zalmanzon born about 1852. Srol was born from a previous marriage, I am not sure where but ended up in Rokiskis in 1886. I think his grandfather was Srol who died in 1852 and his great grandfather was Zalman.

I am trying to connect the dots.
Herman Salmenson

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