possible labor camp -- AL Choscuniak? Chaslumiak? #holocaust

Renee Steinig

I'm trying to help a friend understand some references in the Arolsen Archive / International Tracing Service records of his father, Chaim Sztanski, a survivor of Auschwitz.
According to one record, Chaim was "detained" from June to Dec. 1940 at what looks like AL Choscuniak. Another record refers to his location during the same time period as AL Chaslumiak. I'm hoping that someone can identify this place. (I'm guessing that AL = Arbeitslager, labor camp).
Chaim was probably born in Komorowo or Pultusk, Poland. His locations after "Choscuniak" were the Makau/Mackheim ghetto (Makow Mazowiecki), Auschwitz, and two Auschwitz subcamps.

Thank you.
Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

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