Re: Tomorrow's Forum for Dialogue Zoom: Krakow Holocaust Survivor Tells Her Story #holocaust #announcements

Mark Halpern

All those who were part of the Forum's program yesterday should have received a follow up email with links to many sites of interest to Janet Applefield's story. The part of that email is reproduced below. 

Mark Halpern

For those of you who would like to read more about Janet Applefield's history, you can consult Janet's personal website and her biography on Facing History and Ourselves webpage. The most recent chapter in Janet's relationship with Poland is described in the article in the Boston Globe: her meeting with Karolina Panz, a scholar and activist from Nowy Targ, and Janet's visits to Poland. Karolina published an academic paper on the issue of post-war anti-Jewish violence in Podhale region that Janet and other survivors were exposed to. You can also refer to Lena Kuchler-Silberman's book My Hundred Children describing her role in taking care of Jewish orphans after the Second World War. 

On 2021-04-07 8:01 am, tony allan wrote:

Fascinating talk but does anyone know the book that was mentioned.
Tony Allan

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