Nineteenth century Polish vital record dates -- Julian or Gregorian calendars? #general

Dubin, David M. MD

Hi all,

Are dates in 19th century Polish vital records always the Gregorian dates? I have some records that record both Julian and Gregorian dates, but when only one date is mentioned which is meant? Specifically I’m looking at three areas in Poland:

Szrensk (1839)/ Prasnysz (1811, before Napoleon’s retreat, 1866-1877)/ Mlawa (1877) all about 35 miles north of Warsaw;

Pinczow (1822-30) about 40 miles south of Kielce ; and

Wojslawice (1849-67)/ Wohyn (1855-61)/ Miedzyrzec Podlaski (1862) near Lublin.

Poland, being a Catholic country likely went Gregorian early, but after 1795 when Poland was partitioned, and after Russia (which did not transition until after the 1917 revolution) suppressed the Polish uprising in 1864, did the Russian authorities impose Julian dates? And if so, is that true only in the records which contain both dates?

What I mean to ask is “can I assume that any date in a vital record is Gregorian unless both dates are listed?”

Sorry for the verbosity.


David Dubin, MD

Teaneck,  New Jersey


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