Re: Copying Hebrew text from a PDF into a Translation tool - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Help Request #general

Dahn Cukier


After you  read the following and do not understand, I will answer questions off-list,
I work in this 30 years, I do not expect everyone to understand in a few words.

There are 2 ways to create a PDF file. Enter data and save as PDF, scan
or  take a photo and create the photo as PDF.

As far as I know the second way will not be able to convert to text.

The first way. if a document was written in a word processor
spreadsheet or any application that saves characters and saved/exported as PDF,
then I can try converting  it in Linux operating system using "pdftotext". I do not know if the
software is available in Windows or iOS.

There is a second potential problem. Only in the last few years has there been a
"standard" that most software displays Hebrew. I think different fonts display Hebrew
using different binary codes.

If you can translate the PDF to text and it looks like encoded spy message,
I can attempt to translate this to other fonts using a program I wrote many years ago
in Regina/REXX.

If I can help anyone, please send me off-list using the subject field "help translate".

Dahn Zukrowicz
Cukier, Zucker, Brieff, Brif, Liss, Lisobitsky, Sabath, Sklawer,

When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, 1:06:01 PM GMT+3, Joyaa Antares <joyaa@...> wrote:

Hi Folks,
I have two medium-sized documents detailing my family ancestry.  Both documents are in PDF format, and both are in Hebrew.
I want to be able to copy the text into a good Hebrew-English translation tool in order to be able to understand and verify what has been written.  Unfortunately, these PDFs don't allow text to be "selected" in order to copy/paste but perhaps it could be done with a suitable OCR or Optical Character Recognition tool that would render the text "copyable"?  Does anyone know?  Does anyone have access to such a tool who could help me with this?
Thank you very much.
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Researching   SCHORR, SCHERZER, JURIS and DAWID in Buckaczowce, Ottynia, Nadworna, and Kolomyya

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