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Mark Halpern

I have Galician cousins with names Muni and Manio, whose given names were either Munis or Munisch. They were born in Tarnopol and Brzezany, but their great grandfather was born in Skalat. 

I found the following on the JewishGen site. Although it relates to a towns formerly in the Russian Empire, it provides Hebrew given names of Manishe, Manasha, Manush, Manish, Monashe, Munish, Manish, Manish, Manish, Monash, Monash, Munish, Manas.

Male Given Names
Hebrew and Russian and their Transliterations
from the Kremenets Vital Records and Revision Lists

See Page 27 of

Mark Halpern


On 2021-04-07 1:01 pm, sjgwed via wrote:

"Muni" or "Munya" are the first names for someone (a lawyer) from Skalat. The last name is Lempert or Lampert - which are my family names. They are written in the Skalat Memorial Book, which was published recently, by JewishGen. 

Are "Muni" and "Munya" nicknames? For what name? 

Susan Gordon

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