The Steinfeld family from Libau (Liepaja) in Latvia. Research #latvia #general #scandinavia

Dag Steinfeld

My name is Dag Steinfeld.  My great grandfather, Moses Steinfeld, was born in Libau, Latvia in 1853.  (Some documents may indicate 1852 and in Grobin which is more or less a part of Libau or Liepaja ).  He left his family, mother, father sisters and brothers in 1879 and moved to Sweden.  There he met Dora Gittelson (born in Suwalki). Soon thereafter they married.  During the following years they got several children.  My grandfather, Jacob Benjamin, was one of them (born in Sweden in 1886).  In 1891 the family moved to Norway.  During Holocaust a big part of my family was murdered.

I am about to publish a book about my family from 1879 until 1979.  I know nearly nothing about my family in Latvia who stayed there and remained there after Moses left. Neither do I know if Moses had family in Sweden when he arrived there in 1879.

 Can anybody give me information about my family in Latvia and Sweden, who they were and what happened to them?
Dag Steinfeld

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