The Steinfeld-family living in Libau/Liepaja before and during WWII #latvia

Dag Steinfeld

My name is Dag Steinfeld.  I am living in Bergen, Norway.  My great grandfather, Moses Steinfeld, was born in Libau in 1853. (He may have been born in 1852 in Grobin - 15 km from Libau). He left his family and country in 1879 and went to Sweden.  Here he married Dora Gittelson (Born in Suwalki).  One of their children was my grandfather, Jacob Benjamin, born in 1886.  In 1891 Moses brought his family to Norway where they stayed.  Many of my familymembers were murdered during Holocaust.

I know nearly nothing about my family who lived in Latvia.Latvias National Archiv has informed me that Moses presumely was born in Grobin in 1852.  His parents were Benjamin Steinfeld and Jette Steinfeld.  They had Aldo some other children:  Noah Itzig, Abraham Ahron, Hanne, Lina, Minna and Cheese.  Abraham seems to die in 1868 ,Hanne in 1869, Benjamin and Jette in 1885.   

Otherwise I know nothing about my family in Libau.  What was their occupation, did they have pernission to live in Libau (outside Pale), what happened to them after Moses left etc?

Can anybody hjelp me in mye research?

My emailadress is: dagsteinfeld@...

Yours sincerly

Dag Steinfeld

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