Re: Why Did Jews Marry Christians? #general

Lin Mor

Even though my maternal grandfather's brother converted to Russian Orthodox for "business reasons" in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, his descendants identify as Jewish. Consider the possibility that the conversion served as the "public religion." Think about the Conversos of Spain and Portugal, I think perhaps there are some similarities here, but with nowhere as dire consequences.

Linda Cohen Morzillo

Saratoga Springs, NY




PRESS and SCHNEIDER in Vidukle and other Raseiniai towns

AMCHISLAVSKY and ERLICHMAN in Rostov-on-Don and previously Kozelets and Oster, Chernigov Gubernia

COHEN/KAGAN and BORNSTEIN in Oshmiany and France

KOSOFSKY in Shchuchyn, near Lida, Belarus

SWOTINSKY in Grodno Gubernia Poland/Russia/Belarus

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