Re: Viewmate translation Russian - surname for bride, no surname for groom? #lithuania #records


the name is listed as Yankel Efroimovich, which might mean either "Yankel son Efroim" or "Yankel Efroimovich" (as in someone's last name).  In this case, I think they didn't list his patronymic, just like record #14 - Toder Freynk (а 73 y.o., who married a 43 y.o. and gave 300 (!) rubles, as opposed to others on the same page, who only gave 42 or 84 rubles)
Shulke's father's name is Eliash.

Here is a twofer for you :)
Her brother is listed in the record above, #16 - a widower, Abram son of Eliash Ordman, but I can't make out name of his bride.  It starts with letters "RA", her father's name is Meyer.

Mike Vayser

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