Re: Why Did Jews Marry Christians? #general

Jules Levin


On 4/8/2021 12:41 PM, Sarah L Meyer wrote:
In the 19th century Jews married Christians either for marriage or to
protect their family from antisemitism or for economic reasons - to
get a "good" job, enter college, etc.

A granduncle born in St. Petersburg c. 1880, married an Irish girl in
Chicago around 1902.  The family was devastated.  But they were
consoled by a little bundle of joy arriving about 6 or 7 months after
the wedding.  (This was found by researchers thru Jewishgen; the
generations of my family coming after that date never knew about it.) 
  Another example: *Oscar Venceslas De Lubicz-Milosz*, 1877–1939),
French poet, mystical writer, and diplomat. Milosz, who was born in
Chereya, Belorussia to a Lithuanian nobleman and the baptized daughter
of a Warsaw Hebrew tIeacher....
In the introduction to his poetry in Lithuanian I read that his father a
Polish cavalry officer in the Russian service, rode through  a village,
and his eyes met the eyes of a beautiful Jewish maiden. He swept her off
her feet and rode off with her.  Let us not forget eros as a motivation
for intermarriage!

Jules Levin

Los Angeles

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