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I am trying to request the death certificates for some likely distant cousins, Julius Fine and Samuel H. Fine, who are buried near other of my Fine relatives in the Mount Lebanon Cemetery in Queens. They died in the 1954 and 1956.

Absolutely no exceptions to the rules and even sometimes if you fit the rues you have to argue with them, Genealogy is a dirty word to the NYC Health Department.

Try checking the newspaper, NY Times, to see if there are obits.

Try asking the cemetery for what they know about the people. Especially see if they know if the person died inside or outside NYC.

1950s is a long shot but you can also ask if they know the name of the funeral home as the homes keep recornds but 70 years is a long time.

When we get past the current pandemic restrictions you can try checking to see if there are probate records if you an figure out where the people lived.

Good luck

Allan Jordan

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