Information on Article in JewishGen: “Jewish Community in Bacau, Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania and Centrul Pentru (Bacău, Romania)” #romania

Perry Shorris

One branch of my family is the Recu family originally from Bacau in Romania.  The article cited in the heading refers to a Simion Recu who fought in the Romanian Independence War in 1877.  Does anyone know if there is someone who worked on or contributed to this article that might be able to tell me where this information regarding Simion Recu was found?  I am hoping that it can lead to information on my family.  The article was originally published in 1995, and I believe the author (I. Kara) is deceased, but there are people mentioned on the cover that include Paul Litman (editor), Harry Green (project coordinator) and Prof. N. Cajal (author of the forward).
Perry M. Shorris

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