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Diane Jacobs

Have you tried the database on Yad Vashem to see if any of this family had testimony submitted by other family.  I recently found an entire line of my family because the submitter
Of testimony left not only their name but there address. From there I found their children in another state in the US.

Hope this helps.
Duane Jacobs

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The Sherman (Shmerman) family was from Veledniki Ukraine. Here's an article about the city the Sherman's (Shmerman's) originated from along with a photo we contributed.

In the article (Written by a Ukranian Researcher on Jews) named Chaim several statements about the Shmerman family are mentioned:

1. After massacre, 155 Jewish houses were disassembled by local Ukrainians. Only Shmerman’s house wasn’t touched because German headquarter was in it. 2. In the Shmerman’s house was located unofficial synagogue (even with a Torah scroll).
3. Bliuma Moiseyevna Shmerman cared for the rabbi Israel DovBer’s ohel.

In 1960, Yakov Isakovich Plitman became the head of the local collective farm and occupied this position for over 30 years. He was greatly respected by the locals. But he lived in neighboring village Krasilovka. Yakov Plitman died in 2019.

I would like to try and locate the family of Bliuma (Bluma), but have little to go on.  According to Chaim (researcher) he only knew:

Bluma died in Israel in 1990's and I don't have contacts of her relatives.
She had several daughters. One lives in US, but I don't know her name

Person who interviewed Bliuma (Bluma) spoke with Shmerman 30 years ago 1 time for 1 hour and that is all and had no further contact information on her family.

It is our belief she was a relative.  I have a family photo taken in 1935 of the Shmerman (Sherman's) posing inside the Shmerman house in 1935 in Veledniki.  We would like to find her family!

Photo taken in Velednik, Ukraine at Shmerman house in 1935

1. Benjamin Sherman Holding Baby
2. Woman to right (younger woman) is Benjamin's Wife.
3. Two women behind him sisters.  

A. Looking at Photo
    (Right = Riva Sherman) -
     Left = Chava Sherman - Husband and Child killed by Nazis
Baby being held by Benjamin Sherman = Lossel
Blonde hair Kid - Michael(Lived in Israel) - Died Last Year.
Right of Benjamin = Benjamin's Wife
Left of Benjamin - Khashia (Samuel Sherman's Wife).

Benjamin Killed by Nazis

Samuel Sherman (Shmerman) had a brother Solomon Sherman (Shmerman).  Solomon was my grandfather.


Sophia Sherman

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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