Re: Are "Muni" and "Munya" nicknames? For what name? #names



My maternal grandmother’s official name was Maria Solomonovna  PRITIKINA  (Russian spelling: Мария Соломоновна Притыкина) 1903-1974 from Oster, Ukraine. But everybody called her Mania ( Manya, Маня). I wouldn’t know how her father was nicknamed but she named one of her son’s Solomon, after him and everybody called him Monia or Mon’ka (Monya, Моня, Монька)

LANDSMAN from Gomel, Mogilev, Belarus;
SHEININ from Gomel, Mogilev, Belarus, Kyiv, Russia;
PRITIKIN from Oster, Ukraine;
KRONFELD from Bessarabia;
DOROGOYER from Bessarabia.

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