Unknown grandfather #unitedkingdom


Hello all

I posted some time ago about my wish to find my Jewish Grandfather. but things overtook me and I had to retreat from posting   My Grandmother -a gentile - had my father out of wedlock in 1925 in Manchester in a Salvation Army mother and baby home.  She  named a man called Harry Berens as the father of her baby.  She also gave an address but he was never found.  She lived in East Yorkshire so I am not sure if she went to Manchester to work as Monthly Nurse, or to simply have her child there. I have identified two second cousins now through DNA testing and have thus managed to eliminate two brothers out of eight in a family named Berenbaum who resided in and around Manchester.  One of the remaining 6 Berenbaum brothers could be my grandfather.  There was no one called Harry Berens in this family however,  although some altered their name to Berens, did people alter their christian names also I wonder and the address she gave was not linked to them either, but I guess both he and/or my grandmother could have lied!  I have hit a brick wall now and do not know where to go from here. I would appreciate some ideas to proceed on this.  Best wishes, Val Featherstone

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