Re: Galician Military Records #galicia

Sharon Taylor

Does anyone have experience in sifting though these records? I am looking for my great-grandfather, Szulim Nemeth, born in Mariampol, Galicia in 1857. He was drafted into the army around 1877 in Stanislawow and served 10 years in the 58th Infantry Regiment and another 2 years in the 62nd Landwehr. He was discharged in Stanislawow.

I was hoping that with all this information I would be able to find him but the records are not well organized. If anyone is familiar with this collection, I would greatly appreciate your insight.

Sharon Taylor
Philadelphia, PA 

Researching NEMETH, INGIER and BLOCH in Mariyampil, Stanislawow, and Tysmenytsya, Galicia


Researching WIESNER, FLEISIG, and KASTENBAUM in Kulikow, Lemberg, and Zolkiew, Galicia

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