Searching for a relative who escaped to USA from Nazi Germany during WWII #belarus #germany #usa


Good day
I try to find information about my relative
During the 2nd WW he has been taken by nazi army from Vyalikiya Chuchavichy, Brest Region, Belarus.
I dont know how his name was spelled in German/English, but in Russian it is: 
Name - Иван 
Patronymic - Васильевич 
Surname - Грицкевич 
My own ideas of how his name might have been spelled in English: Ivan/Iwan/Johann/John...
My own ideas of how his surname might have been spelled in English: Gritskevich/Grickeviz/Hryzkevitch...
Once being brought by nazies to Germany he has escaped on the ship to USA together with other jew people.
My family was contacted by him from USA where he has settled and created a family, but unfo the USSR didnt allow this communication going further and the link was lost.
I would like you to help me to find the information about him, he might have already passed away as he supposed to be born before 1930, but I dont know.
All what I have is above information and the photo which he has sent us from USA in one of the mail prior to it got forbidden by USSR authorities.
Thank you for your reply in advance
Mykola Kazadayev

Mykola Kazadayev

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