Seeking male descendants of Jean GOLDKETTE #dna #unitedkingdom

David Ziants

I want to try and reach out to any descendant down the male line of:-

One can see in the article that it states that his father is unknown.

It is is told in the family that his mother Angeline GOLDKETTE (who is a third cousin of a second great uncle of mine) spent the night with the King of the Greeks, Constantine I (1868-1923) and John Jean was conceived from that relationship. It seems that there are those who refute this story. Angeline was a court musician and was performing for these royals. The GOLDKETTE family are known to be a family of performers going back many generations.

One way to prove or refute this story is by finding a male descendent who has done or is willing to do a Y-Chromosome DNA test and share the results.

The Y-DNA of Prince Phillip (Duke of Edinburgh) who died last week is  R1b

So, please feel free to PM me if you can help, or if there are general tips am sure it will be allowed to share them with the group.


My family connection to Angeline:

MyselfSandra Valerie Ziants
my late mother


Beatrice Rebbeca Gable
her mother



Joseph Riena
her father



Sarah Galler (Sasiene/Reina)
his sister



Woolf Sasiene
her husband



Rebecca Sasiene
his mother



Joseph Ruben Zwart
her father



Roosje / Reits Manus Samuel Kinsbergen
his mother



Grietje Blanus
her sister



Leentje Blanus
her daughter



Jeannette Goudsmit
her daughter

Angeline Goldkette
her daughter

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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