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Dear Everyone                                                   12th April 2021

My apology, but I am a bit puzzled of the content material of the translation from the Hungarian handwriting--
Or I wonder, is my Hungarian ;rusty'?

I am not perceiving--its content material as relating to birth? etc.

My interpretation:
Ref 3857--as a reference to an 'official entry'
Dated 11th January  (-January)- 1894

" The dated -Order by the judgement of the Chief Servant---                                       Keltezett foszolga  Biroi rendelete  folyaman --
In retrospect--(entered0 14th June 1894                                                                      Utolagosan --Junius 14-en 1894 Jegyezkedettbe 
The textiles  which were left -empty                                                                             Az uresen maradt szovetek-  meaning cloth )( I read it with a 'T'  szovetek  and                                                                                                                                     due to missing data (pattern)                                                                                      it seems whoever translated it read it with a' letter 'Gszovegek--mondatok (sentences).
 could not be  followed/relied upon                                                                               Elegendo anyagok hianyaban  nem kovethetok voltak

My apology if I am the one who misread, misunderstood the Hungarian

Best wishes
Veronika Pachtinger

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