R' Meir Who Taught GRA Kabbalah in Ciechonowiec #poland #lithuania #rabbinic

Adam Cherson

According to the Ciechanowiec YB, the GRA wrote this: “In my youth I arrived during my wanderings and strayings at the hamlet of Ciechanowiec which is full of scribes and sages. The rabbi there, R' Meir was my instructor in the secret Kabbalistic studies, and he was my comrade in the open rabbinic studies.” https://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/ciechanowiec/cie003e.html#Page7

I estimate the year to be around 1740, at which time the GRA was about 20 years old. R' Meir (referred to as 'the' rather than 'a' rabbi) was probably a venerated rabbi by that time of an estimated age of 60 (so born circa 1680). R' Meir may have been the chief rabbi at Ciechanowiec at this time.

Does anyone know who R' Meir was with any more detail?
Adam Cherson

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