four new historical maps of Galicia now on the Gesher Galicia Map Room #galicia

Jay Osborn <jay.osborn@...>

Four new and beautiful historical maps of the Kingdom of Galicia are
now on the Gesher Galicia Map Room:

These maps span 1775 to 1872, including one of the earliest maps in
our collection, a very early road map >from 1820, and some of the best
map designs we've seen. The four maps on our site are all thanks to
Areta Kovalska and her Forgotten Galicia blog site, which featured
them among many other maps of Galicia in a special post one year ago:

Regular users of GG's Map Room will recognize many of the maps in
the Forgotten Galicia list, but the research behind the post found
several maps we had not discovered, including the four we processed
for our own recent post.

Once you are on the Forgotten Galicia site, if this is your first visit you
really owe it to yourself to browse the well-curated collection of articles,
which report on Areta's research into multicultural Galician history
including the physical traces of Galician art and industrial works still to
be found in today's cities and towns, >from monumental architecture to
fragments of tiles and paint. Already seven years in development, and
covering language, music, art, and literature, the site works much like
the ghost signs it features - revealing the layers of history visible in the
modern sights. We hope you enjoy Forgotten Galicia and find it as
useful as we do; it makes a great companion on a real or virtual visit to
Galicia today.

The four new maps are:

One of the earliest kingdom-wide maps in our collection, this 1775
administrative map by Gussefeld is colorful and detailed, making it an
important reference >from the first years of Austrian rule:

An 1820 road map of the kingdom, by Johann Blaim of the imperial
roads and bridges administration, showing road types and quality along
with selected administrative points, schools and centers of religion, and
both natural and man-made resources:

A map of the full kingdom made by Weiland in 1849 - a revised version
of an earlier Weiland map in our collection:

The very well-designed Miczynski map of Galicia >from 1872, originally
intended for use in schools in the kingdom:

Jay Osborn
Gesher Galicia Digital Map Manager
Lviv, Ukraine

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