Re: Tiktin Family of Rabbis #poland


The "Biographisches Handbuch der Rabbiner" is a good resource.  I do not think you will find any useful information from contacting the very talented Bente Kahan in Wroclaw. Genealogy and historical records are not her expertise.  Likewise, the Wroclaw Jewish community does not have any particular resources to address such questions.

Abraham Gedaliah TIKTIN is included in the Glogau Jewish family register from 1812.  There, his birth date is given as 1 Dec 1751, much more likely since he married on 13 Dec 1771 and had his first (known to me) son in 1773.  R. Abraham TIKTIN went to Glogau about 1800 and I believe he was there until he went to Breslau about 1816.

Finding information about his father Gedaliah will be a challenge..  Rabbinic texts might be source.

Stephen Falk
Point Roberts, WA, USA

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