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The usage of "Christian Name" for "Given Name" was normal in Britain but started to die in about 1975.  Round about that year official documents started to change from the one to the other when asking for the given names for passports or for candidates to be elected to public Office and later on for Clubs and societies.  I remember a friend of my wife  (her husband was the Dean of one of our three Cathedrals) asked me "Mr Harrison what is your Christian Name?"  To which I replied "I have not got one, Ruth, but my first name is David.' likewise in about1995 a Skiing Instructor made a similar request and at the end of that course handed me a course completion certificate which stated Christian Name David; I handed it back saying "i told you that I am Jewish and do not have a Christian Name"  That summer I met him again and he told me that the awarding club had discussed this at their AGM and were not making any change to their certificates.  I therefore reported this to the SYHA who had organised that course. I do not think that any religion has as much as 50% of the population of Birmingham, we have many sorts of Christians at least 4 types of Jew, a variety of different versions of Islam, Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists, Humanists and my old University has had a Pagan Chaplain for a couple of years.
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( The three Cathedrals are Protestant, Catholic and Greek Orthodox)

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I believe that the quote was taken out of context.  The original comment was made by a non-Jewish woman who referred to first names or given names as "Christian names" and the comment was that we do not use "Christian names", we do use first names or given names.  The discussion was not which first/given names are "Christian", in the original post the reference was to all  given names.
Sarah L Meyer
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