Re: Tiktin Family of Rabbis #poland

Jeremy Lichtman

The pamphlet "The Oldest Jewish Families in Czestochowa" by Janusz Spyra contains numerous references to the Tiktin family that may be of use.

From the footnotes there, there are references to individuals in the family in the book "Biographisches Handbuch der Rabbiner",
ed. Michael Brocke and Julius Carlebach, Munich 2009 (BHR) I/2.

Specifically: "Biographical entries for Abraham (dec’d. 1820), Salomon (dec’d. 1843) and Gedalia (dec’d. 1886) Tiktin in BHR I/2, pp.

The Gedalia mentioned above is the son of Abraham, born circa 1808 in Czestochowa, and evidently named after his grandfather.

It appears that the Lewkowicz > Kohn family of Czestochowa may be renamed Tiktins as well, as several members of that family occasionally used the name on documents.


Jeremy Lichtman
Toronto, Canada

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